Cleaning Tile Floors The Easy Way

Tile floors are arguably much easier to clean than hardwoods or carpets, but with that said, you still want to be sure you clean them properly. This article will focus on cleaning tile floors that is both fast and effective.

One of the most important points to keep in mind when it comes to cleaning tile floors is to avoid using harsh chemicals if at all possible. They can eat away at the tile surface and damage the finish. In most cases a mop and water is all that you’ll need for the job.

Cleaning Tools

Naturally, you will need to have the right cleaning supplies to get started. A broom, dustpan, mop and a bucket are all you need to begin with. The type of mop you need will depend on the type of tile you have.

Ceramic tile will need cotton mop or one with strips. Those sponge type mops will not clean down into the grout. For vinyl or linoleum floors a sponge mop will work out fine.

Cleaning Tile Floors

Sweep you floors often to keep dirt and other debris to a minimum. Just by doing this on a regular basis will go a long way in keeping the floor clean for a longer period of time. And who wants to spend more time than necessary scrubbing floors anyway?

Next, simply use a bucket of water and a damp mop to clean the floors. You’ll be surprised at how well water alone will work. I know many of you are thinking that a damp mop will never work, but try it and see. Of course, for heavy spills or a dropped turkey on the floor, you may need to use something like Lysol mixed in your water.

As you begin to see your bucket of water getting dirty, change it out and fill it back up. It’s much easier to use this method once a week than it is to have to scrub floors on your hands and knees.

Maintenance Tips

If you have a spill, be sure to immediately clean it up. Leaving mud on the floor or other types of spills will create permanent stains. How often have you seen floor tile around someone’s door that has discolored and become stained over time? It’s a frequent site that doesn’t have to happen to you if you keep the floors clean as they get tracked on or spilled on.

Use a floor mat around entrances. This tip alone can save you a ton of work down the road. Floor mats will eliminate 90% of the dirt and other stuff being tracked in. Be sure to clean the floor mats every month in order to keep them effective. A dirty floor mat will not do a lot of good.

Easy Carpet Cleaning Tips

carpet cleaning

Maintaining a clean carpet on your home can either be fun to do or a hassle to keep it up. It is a hard task to do that you clean your home every day, dust furniture, do carpet cleaning and make your home presentable all the time. Sweeping and dusting can easily be done but carpet cleaning might take time to be done. It always important to constantly clean the carpets to avoid major cleaning or worst might cause for carpet replacement. Here are some simple ways to keep your home and carpet tidy.


Vacuuming the carpet once a week is a good habit to make. It reduces the chances of doing a major cleaning on your carpet thus increase its life span of your carpet. A tricky way to vacuum your carpet is to divide it in portion. Don’t vacuum your carpet in any direction you want. For better results, organize your way of vacuuming so you will not miss a part of your carpet. It keeps the works faster too because you will not be vacuuming back and forth. Vacuum the area with heavy traffic and reach out corners and places underneath the furniture as well.

Move Furniture Once in a While

Placing the furniture at one place for a long period of time may cause it to form on your carpet. To avoid this, move furniture once in a while. It is a heavy task to do such but think of it as if you are renovating your home. Giving it a new look once in a while. It allows you to better clean the spaces in between where the furniture is placed before and you will also be able to check if your furniture needs maintenance check. In doing so, you will be saving a lot by being able to keep your carpet clean and your furniture functional.

Treat Stains The Right Away

Stains can be a great mess on your carpet if not treated right away and it ages the carpet faster. Follow instructions from the manufacturer on how to treat stains and spills. Keep in handy some guidelines on the basic stain and spill treatment on your carpet. Different kind of stains may require different solutions. Be cautious about putting on stain removers. It might worsen your carpet situation.

Avoid Shoes on the Carpets

Putting on walk-off mats on the doorstep can be a big help in maintaining your carpet from soil. No shoe on the carpet rule can be put in place too. Shoes may gather all the dirt from walking outside your home. You may step on gum or an animal poop without noticing it and it could be a disaster if you walk-in right away into your home step on your carpet with it. Barefoot or socks on or prepare a living room slippers can be of good use to practice.

It is good to do your DIY carpet cleaning but hiring for professional carpet cleaners once a year is better to do. Carpets may contain dirt that manual cleaning would not be enough. Most professional cleaners have other services available. Your other furniture may need a maintenance check especially your couch and dining chairs. Professional services might offer upholstery cleaners to do it.

If carpet cleaning is still too tedious for you, consider getting tiles for your floor. After all, tile cleaning is relatively easier.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Cleaning Service?

People right now are sometimes busy with their on a regular basis life and have a tendency to don’t have any time to spend cleansing. A few of them even forgets to wash their locations and finally ends up getting it closed due to the specter of having an unhealthy dwelling house. In the event, you do not wish to find yourself getting your own home or office renovated or closed on account of some sanitary points then it might be greatest to rent a cleansing service. There a variety of firms providing this sort of providers and you may simply discover one in your native neighborhood or on-line. The one drawback now’s how a lot does it value to rent a cleansing service? Pricing and charges of bond cleaning Melbourne firms normally depends upon the next elements:

How Usually Will You Want Their Service

If you may be hiring them frequently then there is a good probability that they give you a reduction. It is like subscribing into, it’s cheaper if you’ll subscribe for extra copies of the journal reasonably than shopping for them one after the other in your native journal retailer. The identical goes to cleansing providers, if you may be hiring them in a daily method then they’ll give you a lesser worth. Some firms even have already made packages in which you’ll select from like a scheduled cleansing each week, four occasions a month or a customized bundle the place you point out what number of occasions do you want their service in a given time period.

The Variety Of Cleansing

If you would like a complete place clear up each time you rent a cleansing service, then anticipate a dearer price since they might want to use different types of equipment that can assist clear your home or workplace. If you would like the standard cleansing with nothing particular on it then the speed is usually a little decrease.

The House That Must Be Cleaned

Typically, cleansing firms based mostly their charges to the scale of the realm that must be cleaned. If it is only a common workplace with only a few sq. meters, then you may get away with a very inexpensive worth. But when it is a complete constructing clear up, then it may cost you a large number since they might want to rent further staffs in addition to supplies to do the cleaning for you.

Earlier than hiring any cleaning firm, be sure that to match costs with different service suppliers. It is going to additionally aid you to resolve which firm to go for and you may also save some huge cash should you discover an extra inexpensive firm.